Terms and conditions

Dear guest!

We would like to draw attention to the following points and ask the same time, these be treated as general business conditions:

By entering the children’s park, the following general conditions for the use of children’s parks Jackelino by the visitors (parents, other accompanying persons and children) are recognized and specifically the subject of the use agreement.


The Jackelino children park consists of several entertainment and game components, various small game activities, a climbing wall, several beach volleyball courts squash courts and dining areas. The use of all offered equipment and facilities at their own risk and the visitor requires consideration of the other visitors, without prejudice to the obligation of the Jackelino children park, all the facilities and equipment to get in a roadworthy condition.
Children until the age of 14.Lebensjahres the visit of Jackelino children parks prohibited unless accompanied by their parents or other regulatory requirement, unless the parents explicitly on the form provided their agreement with the visit by the child without the accompaniment of a supervision requirement explains.

A transfer of supervision to the children’s park Jackelino or their staff will not take place. The staff of the children’s parks Jackelino is not responsible for the supervision of children.


We offer the option of child care. However, this is to deny children’s park before each visit with the Jackelino and register. Without the completion of a written contract childcare is a transfer of supervision to the children’s park Jackelino or their staff are not held.
Parents or other supervision requiring responsible for their children and are responsible for both the entrance of any damage to the equipment and the equipment as well as for personal and property damage to third parties.
The liability of the Jackelino children’s parks, its agents and their legal representatives is slightly negligent breaches of duty limited to the predictable nature of the performance, typical, direct average damage.

With regard to companies of minor contractual obligations shall not be liable Jackelino Children’s Park for slight negligence.

The Jackelino children’s park is not liable thereafter for self-inflicted injuries of the visitors as well as for damages based on its own improper treatment and / or handling of the equipment or other game devices and / or be caused by other visitors.


The above limitations do not affect product liability claims. They also do not apply to the children’s park Jackelino to body or health, or loss of life.
For the safety of all visitors may not be used containers and glass objects and own toys in the play area. Sharp, sharp or dangerous objects (including candles) may not be carried.

The food and drink is not permitted in the play area. Drinks and food are consumed exclusively in the seating areas. Smoking is permitted in the park Jackelino children   only in designated areas outside of the playing area. Bringing your own birthday cake, candy and soft drinks are permitted in the park children Jackelino. But please understand that to bring your own food and a supply by foreign companies (Pizza service or fast-food snacks) is not permitted. The consumption of alcohol and chewing gum are not allowed in the children’s park!

The waste caused by the brought birthday cakes, sweets and drinks to dispose themselves properly. For damage to the clothing of the visitors that result from the use of facilities and equipment of children Jackelino park, children’s park is not liable Jackelino.

A liability for the kids in the park Jackelino brought by the visitor objects, money and other valuables will not be accepted. Please use the provided lockers in the changing rooms.

All facilities in the parks Jackelino children are to be treated with care, and all devices are able to enter without shoes. Misuse, culpable Pollute, damage or loss of borrowed things the visitor liable for the damage. Damage to the facility or the equipment and leased objects are reported to the staff immediately by the visitor.

The measures and arrangements of the staff taken in the interests of security, order and cleanliness is followed. The purpose of the Board authorized staff shall exercise rights within the Jackelino children’s parks.

It is authorized to visitors that jeopardize the safety, peace and order, other visitors, contrary to the provisions of the General Conditions, or not comply with the instructions of the staff follow to refer Jackelino from the children’s park.

Access to the park Jackelino children is not allowed for people with infectious diseases or open wounds as well as persons who are under the influence of intoxicating substances. We regret that pets are not allowed.

Visitors with physical disabilities / impairments is not permitted the bull riding.
Jurisdiction and performance is, as far as legally permissible, low Kassel / Bonn. Should one or more provisions of these General Conditions are wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

The wholly or partially invalid provision is rather re-interpret or supplement that is its intended economic purpose to the extent permitted achieved.

Thank you for your understanding.

Only when we comply with all guidelines together, a safe and clean play is possible.

Jackelino their children’s park management

As of 01.10.2008

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